First Review of “Ahead Of Its Time”

Thanks to Marc over at the Cinema Heritage Group for the first online review of “Ahead Of Its Time”

★★★★☆ [DVD Review] *Ahead of its Time* (IE 2017 docu) dir. Rob O’Brien | | €9.99/19.99 (DVD/BluRay) | reviewed by Cinema Heritage Group | worth checking out
• O’Brien’s documentary, a self-produced labour of love, investigates the short (1998-2000) life of the IMAX Dublin (IE) and its premature demise. • How could Ireland’s largest screen be forced to close, you ask? This fairly ‘talky’ docu compiles insightful interviews with several former key staff, incl. mention of a ‘mutinous’ lock-in, augmented with some original footage, a construction time-lapse, and ephemera – more of which would have been welcome, if difficult to trace. • Shining a light on Imax’ educational films vs. early commercial feature content, its fluctuating marketing, and other new Imax sites of the time, this ‘loving postmortem’ should be of interest to all those interested in Dublin’s cinemas, Imax history, and cinema business.

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